Maximum Performance Large Impact

Performance efficiency of your biogas plant is remarkably dependent from the fermenter biology. The highest possible yield can only be achieved through a perfect fermentation process. Therefore we have created a range of additives to maximise performance. With our know-how you will make the most of your biogas plant.

Agri Flex

Trace elements for greater biogas yield

Agri Flex is a custom-made additive, containing trace elements and micro-nutrients which can improve methane yield by up to 30 per cent. After analysing the contents of your fermenter - usually every three months - we design and formulate a specific mixture tailored to the particular needs of your own biogas plant. This additive, available as a powder, stabilises the anaerobic biologal processes so acidification is avoided. This means less substrate is needed for a given amount of biogas production. Gas output is improved thereby maximising profit.

Typical annual benefits from a 350 kW biogas plant using Agri Flex
  • Individually-designed trace element mixture for your fermenter
  • Up to 30 per cent greater biogas yield
  • Major substrate savings
  • Long-term biological stability
  • Easy application with biodegradable bags

Agri SOS

First aid for your biogas plant

Agri SOS, available as a powder, is our first aid for your biogas plant. It contains all the required trace elements to ensure a reduction in high acidity. Its use will avoid a rapid collapse in biogas production and will save you the costly task of restarting the plant.

For long-term stabilisation of the biological processes we recommend our individual trace element mixture, Agri Flex.

Typical acid reduction following Agri SOS treatment
  • Emergency additive for your fermenter
  • Fast reduction of acids
  • Rapid response
  • Stabilisation of the biological processes
  • Easy application with biodegradable bags

Grams of acid per kilo substrate - Acetic acid - Propionic acid

Agri Visco

With the use of Agri Visco the biogas can rise more easily through the substrate and the substrate digestion is also improved.

  • Reduces substrata viscosity
  • Cuts energy consumption
  • Easier mixing and pumping
  • Better release of biogas

Optimises viscosity in your fermenter

Agri Visco is a selected combination of different enzymes which can reduce the viscosity of the substrate in your digester. Some raw materials contain high levels of carbohydrates, such as starch, protein and polymer substrate fibres. These materials withhold water, increasing the viscosity in the fermenter thus causing mixing and pumping problems. High viscosity also results in higher energy consumption for mixing, resulting in methane having greater difficultv in passing through the substrate.

Agri Combi

Abespoke combination of trace elements and enzymes to suit your fermenter

Low microbiological activity can threaten stable processing and lead to significant reductions in production and yield. Agri Combi helps maintain an optimum supply of micro-nutrients because we individually tailor a combination of trace elements and enzymes to the needs of your fermenter. Agri Combi allows faster and more complete digestion of fibre-rich substrate components while the use of enzymes optimises the fermentation process increasing gas yield. A concomitant reduction in viscosity significantly reduces the energy needed to operate the agitators and pumps.

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